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In addition to skiing and snowboarding, ski resorts in the winter offer additional activities such as snow rafting and snowmobiling. The Activity Area extending through the vast snowfield and forest is like a winter wonderland theme park. When visiting us in the snowy mountains, you can enjoy a whole range of winter activities to the fullest! Here’s an introduction to the exciting activities offered at the Minakami Kogen Ski Resort.

Snow rafting, one of our most popular activities!

Snow rafting is literally the snowy version of river rafting. Imagine climbing up a snowy slope tethered behind a snowmobile, and racing down the vast winter fields. Pure exhilaration! The rafting boat sways left and right every time the snowmobile turns, and the unpredictable moves are nothing but thrilling. Be ready for an invigorating experience through this excursion that takes in a series of inclines and declines.
The snow raft sways and glides over the snowfield. The low seating makes it seem much faster, and feels like riding a roller coaster when you’re accelerating downhill.

A high-speed snow coach

Sit on the boxed seat of the snow coach and explore the snow forest led by a snowmobile. Experience full-throttle speed over the snow field, going much faster than snow rafting. This blazing, exciting activity zooms past the trees at bewildering speed.
Snow coaches are unique in that you can experience the exceptional speed of snowmobiles from the comfort of a coach on skis, right in the snowmobile's wake! You'll view the grandiose and beautiful snow-capped mountains while feeling the crisp winter breeze as you speed across the snow.

Snowmobiles with irresistible speed

Snowmobiles are small vehicles used for transportation on snow-covered ground. And you can take one of these for a ride. No special license is needed, and beginners are also welcome to try. Cruise around the private course, or speed up and breeze through the snow once you get the hang of it.
Our friendly and helpful staff will show you how to brake and steer safely.

Snow shoes for walking the fluffy snow

Snow shoes are equipment that make it easy to walk on the snow. The shoes add buoyancy when worn and have feet sink less in the snow, enabling users to easily walk on the heavy snow. In addition to being used in outdoor sports such as winter mountain climbing, some ski resorts provide areas exclusively for snow-shoeing. You can conveniently rent them from ski centers near the pistes, and take a stroll through the tranquil forests surrounding the resorts.
Walk through snowfields in ordinary shoes and there's a risk your feet will be swallowed up by the snow. But strap on some snowshoes and you'll walk as if floating through the soft fluff. It's a unique sensation. Each ski resort in the Minakami area offers a wide array of activities to enjoy the snow; snowshoeing is just one of them. Experience them all and treat yourself to some wonderful memories.
●Access to Minakami area:
[By train] Min. 66 minutes from Tokyo station to Jomo Kogen station on the Joetsu Shinkansen
[By car] About 90 minutes from the Nerima IC to Tsukiyono IC or about 100 minutes to Minakami IC on Kanetsu Expressway
●Access to Minakami Kogen Ski Resort:
[By car] 21 km from Minakami IC, Kanetsu Expressway
[By bus] Free shuttle bus from Jomo Kogen station, Joetsu Shinkansen (About 60 minutes)
photo & text : Chiho Kuriyama

Facility Information

Minakami Kogen Ski Resort

6152-1 Fujiwara, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma 379-1721
21 km from Minakami IC, Kanetsu Expressway