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You can rent ski and snowboard equipment in the ski resort's rental area. Skis, boots and poles are available for skiing, and boards and boots are available for snowboarding. You can also rent skiwear. Equipment and wear can be rented as single items or in bundles. The procedures for renting equipment is easy. After submitting an application with necessary information such as height and shoe size, a staff member will choose equipment for you. IDs are required for rentals; bring a driver's license, insurance card or passport with you.

Check your rental equipment number

Each piece of rental equipment has a number printed for management. Be sure to remember or record your equipment's number. Because a lot of rental equipment looks the same, check the number on your equipment to prevent mixing it up with equipment rented by other guests.

Remember where you left your skis or snowboard

Leave your equipment in designated areas when eating or taking breaks. Take care to remember where you put your equipment, because many other guests will also leave their equipment in the same area. Check the number on your equipment after your break or when using them to avoid using someone else's.

What to do when you can't find your equipment

If you left your rental equipment for a break but couldn't find it after returning, you should first check the surrounding skis and boards. If you still can't find it, someone else may have mistaken your equipment for theirs. Consult a counter in your nearest facility, such as the Information Center, rental area or restaurant.