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Snowboards are designed for easy sliding, so they're prone to slide on their own when placed on the snow. This is why you need to be careful when taking them off, putting them on and placing them down flat on the snow. Remember the precautions for handling snowboards.

Place snowboards face down

When taking off your snowboard, place the binding side downwards on the ground. This is because if you place the base downwards, the snowboard will slide away on its own and may injure people or damage objects. Lightly press on the snowboard when placing it down so the binding digs into the snow for extra security.

Press down on the snowboard when putting it on and taking it off

It's common for snowboards to slide away from snowboarders when putting them on or taking them off. Always press down on the board with your hands or feet when putting your boots into or removing them from the bindings. Be especially careful when placing the base on the ground when attaching yourself to the snowboard or removing your feet from the bindings.

Sliding snowboards are very dangerous

Snowboards are very hard and sturdy, with edges made of sharp metal. If you let snowboards slide away by themselves, they become dangerous weapons, even on easy slopes. They can both injure people and damage objects. The snowboard itself may also be lost or damaged. Always be careful when putting on and taking off your snowboard, and also when laying it on the ground.