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Snowboards are equipment designed for attaching to the feet to slide down slopes. Therefore, never use snowboards as play equipment other than for their intended purpose. Enjoy safe snowboarding for yourself and others through proper use.
Never use snowboards as sleds. This is very dangerous because you won't be able to control the speed or direction, and you risk endangering others. Sledding may cause various types of accidents, such as colliding with people, slashing the victim's skiwear with the snowboard edge, and causing injuries. Go to the Kid's Park or other snow-playing facilities if you wish to enjoy sledding.

You'll also get hurt

Sledding with snowboards may not only cause collisions with obstacles and damage objects, but may also cause injuries to yourself. Snowboards should be used to slide down slopes according to their intended design, and never be used as toys. This is etiquette to enjoy safe snowboarding.