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When getting on a lift, kids must be accompanied by a guardian who has a certain level of skiing or snowboarding skill. As the guardian, you must support them when getting on and off the lift, as this is where they have the highest chance of falling over. You'll need to teach them how to get on and off the lift in advance.

Push the child forward to the position to sit on the lift

When queuing up for the lift, detach your rear binding and skate forward, kicking the snow with the free boot. It's difficult for kids to skate, so you'll need to help them move forward, pushing them from the waist. Make sure to flatten the highback of the detached binding when moving forward.

Lift the child when getting on the lift

When you've reached the waiting position for the lift under staff guidance, keep an eye on the lift coming from behind you. When it reaches you, support and seat the child with both hands until fully seated.

Lower the safety bar

Lower the safety bar as soon as you sit on the lift. Make sure to tell the child to the tips of their skis or snowboard pointing upward to avoid getting in the way of the safety bar, and sit quietly while riding the lift. It's best to keep the goggles, gloves and caps on to make sure they don't fall to the ground.

Aim the tips of the skis / snowboard upward just before getting off the lift

When approaching the end of your lift ride, lift the safety bar and tell the child to aim the tips of the skis or snowboard upward. Also, tell the child not to stand before reaching sign to leave the lift, and support them ahead of time so they don't slip off.

Support the child when getting off the lift

When you come to the get-off-the-lift-here sign, let the child stand up and ski straight down the ramp, supporting them as they go. After slowing down, be sure to get out of the way so you don't block the way of people who follow.