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If you're skiing for the first time on a piste, there will be a lot of questions such as, "What should I bring?" and "what should I be careful about on the piste?". If you know the equipment you need and how to use it, plus basics like piste and lift manners, you'll enjoy skiing more safely.

Equipment required for skiing

For skiing, you need a pair of skis, ski boots, and poles. You can either buy them yourself, or rent them at a ski resort.

Ski equipment features (1)

Skis come with metal parts, called bindings, to keep the boots in place. The front end of ski is called the "tip" and the rear end, the "tail". When learning to ski, you'll hear phrases like "open the tails" or "stand the edges," so make sure you know the equipment terms in advance.

Ski equipment features (2)

The underside of a skis is called the "base." Both edges of the base features metal parts called "edges". You use the edges to control your skis when you turn and stop.

Role of stoppers

When you put on the skis, your boots are bound to them by bindings. The length of the bindings has to be adjusted to fit the size of your boots. Bindings come with bars called stoppers, which pop down and stop your skis from accidentally sliding downhill when you take them off.

Features of ski boots

Ski boots are made of plastic and other materials, and are typically harder than snowboard boots. The boots will come with two to four buckles that you can adjust for the right fit and tightness. Some boots also feature belts on the upper part for a firmer hold.

Features of ski poles

When you ski, you hold the poles in your hands. The poles come with rings called "baskets" to prevent the poles from sinking in the snow. You put your arms through the straps and hold the poles by the grips. The long part is called shafts.

Equipment can be rented

You do not have to purchase ski and snowboard tools or wear, as they can be rented at the ski resort's rental section. Usually the rentals offer a full set of skis and snowboards.
photo & text : Chiho Kuriyama