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Ski boots are made of plastic and other hard materials. When you're not used to them, it'll be a lot of work to put them on and take them off. But once you get to know the steps and get used to them, it'll be very easy.
Shown below is how to put on and take off boots that have buckles on the front to tighten them. There are also "rear entry" boots, which are easier to put on and take off. If you're using rear entry boots, be sure to learn how to put them on and remove them off at the time of purchase or rental.

How to put the boots on

Before you put the boots on, first undo all the buckles. Pull the tongue of the boot all the way forward, and insert your foot, toes first.
Put the buckles' hooks on the fasteners and tighten the boot. Fasten the buckle just when the hook can be easily fastened, if it feels loose, go one notch tighter and fasten again.
Start fastening from the lowest buckle up. Make sure the boot does not feel too tight.

How to fasten the buckle

You can fasten the buckle by putting the hook over the fastener and pushing down the handle. The hook's position will determine how tight your boot will feel.

How to fasten the belt

Once you have fastened all the buckles, fasten the belt on your shin. Wrap the belt once around your shin, then through the loop and fasten it.
Use the patch of Velcro to fasten the belt in place. Fastening it firmly will ensure the upper part of your boot fits snugly.

Powder-guard fitting

Once your boots are on, cover them with the powder guard at the hem of your trousers. Covering your boots with the powder guard stops snow from getting in. Although some people tuck the powder guard inside their boots, this is incorrect. It will lead to snow getting into your boots.

Incorrect example of powder-guard fitting

Tucking the powder guard into your boots like this is a mistake, as snow will get into your boots and they won't be tight enough. Remember that the powder guard should cover the outside of your boots.

How to take off the boots

To take off the boots, first undo the belt at the top of each boot, then undo each buckle.
Open the inner of the boots forward and rearward, and pull your foot out. It will be easier to do so if you hold down the boot with both hands. It will also be easier to put on and take off the boots if you are seated.

The right fitting

Boots that are too tight will hurt your feet, so it's important that you find boots that are just tight enough, without being loose. To get a comfortable fit, adjust the back pad and belt tightness and then make minor adjustments if the boots still feel too tight or loose.