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Unless you're familiar with carrying them, skis and poles may scatter and drop from your hands, or hit and hurt people. There are some secrets to carrying skis and poles. Here, we'll show you a way to handle them smoothly and safely.

How to stack the skis

To stack the skis, face the bases toward each other and slide them so the stoppers of bindings intertwine. This makes it harder for the skis to come apart. When you want to separate the skis, slide them again and the skis will easily come apart.

Hold them together for carrying

Skis are heavy and not easy to carry with one hand. Until you get used to handling them, put the skis and poles together horizontally and hold them firmly. If you hold them with both hands from underneath, the skis will be well balanced and easy to carry safely.

Carry the skis on your shoulder

Once you get used to handling the skis, put them on your shoulder, with the tips pointing forward and downward. Putting the front part of the bindings on your shoulder and holding the tips with your hand will help you to balance the skis. Hold the poles with the other hand to move about easily. When you're carrying the skis on your shoulder, make sure to keep the tips down to avoid injuring anyone.

Points of attention when you carry the skis

Swinging the skis around is dangerous: you could break objects or hit and hurt others. So when there are many people around, don't carry the skis on your shoulders. Instead, stand the skis in the snow, or carry them vertically to be attentive of others.

How to place the skis when resting

When you have lunch or have a break on-piste, don't just abandon your skis on the snow. There is a space in front of the restaurant or the ski center to store your skis, so be sure to leave your skis in these designated places.
If there are no ski stands, or if they're already full, find a spot that doesn't get in the way of others and stick the skis in the snow, or rest them horizontally. If you are resting them horizontally on the snow, make sure they don't accidentally slide downhill.

Wrong way to rest your skis

Don't stand your skis in places where a lot of people pass by, or near entrances and doors. Glass windows and walls of buildings are also easily scratched by the ski edges, so aren't fit for resting skis. Make sure to leave your skis in a designated space.

Check your equipment number

Many rented ski sets have the same design, so it's easy to mistake others' skis for yours. Each piece of rental equipment has a number printed for management. Take note of these numbers to make sure you know which skis are yours.