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Skis are generally sold as a set of skis and bindings. Your store will attach the bindings to the skis, and the store or manufacturer will also fine-tune the setting. Although only qualified staff may adjust bindings, it's good to know what it takes to set up a pair of skis.

Ski varieties

Skis come in many varieties, such as for races, basic practice, freestyle skis for jumps and tricks, and powder skis for deep snow. If you want to ski for leisure, then all-round skis are best. Skis you can rent at ski resort's rental section usually have entry models for beginners.

The right ski length

Ski length depends on your height, skill level, and skiing style. If you're a beginner, skis that are about 5-10cm shorter than your height will be easy to handle. If you're skiing at high speed, like alpine skiing, long and hard skis will be required, but for those you'll also need good control skills. If you're renting, the rental store staff will choose the right length according to your height and skill level.

Some skis have a left and right

Some skis have a left and right. The left and right skis have different shapes and structures that make it easier to turn or ski. Not all models are like this, but if the skis of your choice have a left and right, put them on accordingly.

Blunt the edge of the parts you don't use

The tip and tail edges of the skis will not come in contact with snow during skiing, so won't be used for control. All new skis have sharp edges, so use a file or sandpaper to blunt edges for a few centimeters around the tip and the tail to the point where you don't feel any sharpness to the touch.

Match the bindings with your boot size

Aside from boot size, ski boots also have a sole size. The sole size is printed on areas like the outer part of the boot shell, and is the size the binding length is adjusted to. Even if you have the same boot size, the sole length varies depending on the shell thickness.

Bindings are adjusted to sole size

Bindings are adjusted to your boot's sole size, but only by professional staff. Staff at the ski rental center are qualified to do this. If you buy skis and bindings at a store, tell them your boot's sole size and the staff will make the adjustment for you.