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Ski resorts are very cold, and it's not uncommon for the temperature to be below zero even during the day. It gets even colder on cloudy, snowy days or in bad weather with strong winds. Skiwear protects you from such a climate. Designated skiwear is designed for snow sport, is much more waterproof than normal winter townwear, and offers many special features.

Features of skiwear

Skiwear is ideal for ski resorts. It's highly waterproof or water repellent, and also keeps you warm. What's more, it's suited for active use, being made from durable materials and with cutting that does not restrict your movement. Proper skiwear offers you the most comfort for skiing, as it's specially designed for snow.

Skiwear is waterproof

Skiwear is so waterproof that not even drops of water can soak in - all while remaining breathable. This is one of the greatest benefits of skiwear.

Ventilation function

Ventilation is a feature where you can open the zip on the sides of the ski wear or inner thighs to let the inside heat or moisture escape. This is a convenient feature that allows you to adjust the temperature inside your skiwear, even if you feel warm on warm days or after a lot of skiing.

Jacket and powder guard

The powder guard is a double-layered structure that prevents snow from entering the jacket from the hem. Some powder guards are detachable, or can be stored away. Some trousers also have a powder guard.

Check the position of your pass case

Skiwear includes many pockets, and some designs even have lift-pass cases on the jacket hem or arm. The skiwear is also designed to carry items like mobile music players and smartphones.
As IC-chip lift passes that you can keep in your pocket have spread, the lift pass pocket now comes in all sizes and positions.

Other features

Some jackets feature "powder cuffs," which are cuffs specially designed to prevent snow from entering the sleeves.

Rental wear is more affordable if you also rent skis

Apart from the skiwear, you'll also need skis, boots and poles. These can be rented at the rental section of the ski resort. You'll find single-item rental prices as well as more economical package options that combine skiwear and equipment.

Some rental stores allow you to combine the skiwear of your choice

Ski gear rental sections usually have rental wear for men, women and children in all sizes and designs. Generally speaking, you'll need to bring your own goggles, gloves and caps, but some rental stores allow you to rent these accessories as well.