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If you don't have your own skiwear or skis, you can rent them at the ski resort's rental section. That way, you can travel light. If you are renting, you'll be asked to present your ID.

Items you can rent at the rental section

To ski, you'll need skis, boots and poles. Although it's possible to rent them separately, the package deal is better value. The staff will choose the right ski and pole length and boot size for you.
There will be skiwear of various designs. Some rental sections allow you to mix and match any jacket or pants, or any sizes, as you like. They'll also offer a package option consisting of skis and skiwear.

How to apply for ski / skiwear rental

To rent the ski gear, you need to write down your height, foot size etc., on a given form. After submitting this form at the reception desk, the staff will choose the equipment accordingly.

You'll need some ID

You'll be asked to present your ID when applying for the rental. Have your driver's license, student ID, insurance card or passport at hand.

Confirm your boot size

You'll be trying the boots on the spot. If the size isn't right, you can have it changed to another one. If they feel too tight around the toes or your toes feel cramped, have them changed to the next size up. If you have thick socks on, it's better to choose a size slightly larger than your usual shoe size.

Receiving the rental skis and wear from the staff

The staff will adjust the bindings on your skis to match your boot size. Once everything is in place, you'll receive the equipment from the staff, all of which is labelled with numbers for management so remember them.

Get changed into the skiwear and leave your luggage in the locker

Use the dressing room to get changed, and place your clothes and luggage safely in a paid locker. Dressing rooms are usually available at the ski rental section, ski centers, or near parking lots.

Confirm if accessory rental is available

Generally speaking you'll need to bring your own gloves, cap, and goggles, but some rental sections offer such accessory rentals. It's best to check in advance if they do this.

If accessories aren't available for rental

If you can't rent accessories, you need to bring your own or buy them at sport stores in town. If you've left them at home, check whether the stores in the ski center or other outlets carry what you need.
photo & text : Chiho Kuriyama