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If you're snowboarding for the first time on a piste, there will be a lot of questions such as, "What should I bring?" and "what should I be careful about on the piste?". If you know the equipment you need and how to use it, plus basics like piste and lift manners, you'll enjoy snowboarding more safely.

Equipment required for snowboarding

There are three pieces of equipment you'll need for snowboarding - a board, bindings and boots. You can rent these from the ski resort rental corner.

Snowboard equipment features (1)

Bindings, which attach the boots to the board, are fixed to the snowboard with screws. The part of the board facing forward is called the nose (or top) and the back end is called the tail. When snowboarding, you'll hear phrases like "point the top down" or "lift up the edge," so make sure you know the equipment terms in advance.

Snowboard equipment features (2)

The bottom of the board is called the sole. It has a metal rim around it called the edge. You can use the edge to control the board when turning and stopping.
Snowboards have a cord attached to them that stops the board from sliding away. This is called the leash cord. Make sure to affix it to your leg while snowboarding.

Features of boots

You'll be wearing special snowboard boots when snowboarding. Basically, they are composed of two layers - a tough outer layer and a well-fitting inner layer. The boots are tightened with a cord called a leash or a wire, and the shin area has a part called a tongue. These soft boots are made of nylon or leather to be highly waterproof and sturdy. While some hard boots made from plastic are available, most boots are soft like those shown here.
How to tighten the laces differs depending on the boot type. These are "BOA-type" boots that have a wire you adjust with a dial.
These are speed shoelace-type boots that you tighten by pulling on cords called shoelaces.

Features of bindings

Bindings hold your boots firmly in place using two straps. A part called the ratchet is used to adjust the degree of tightness. The highback on the bindings supports the area from the ankle to the calf.

Equipment can be rented

You do not have to purchase ski and snowboard tools or wear, as they can be rented at the ski resort's rental section. Usually the rentals offer a full set of skis and snowboards.