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How to tighten the laces differs depending on the boot type. There are three broad types of boots: those with laces like sneakers, those you can easily tighten by pulling on a cord ("speed-shoelace type"), and those you tighten with a wire by twisting a dial ("BOA type"). Here, we will introduce how to fit and remove speed-shoelace and BOA-type boots.

Fitting boots (BOA type)

First, loosen the wire and cord, open the boot up wide, and then push the tongue forward before inserting your foot toes-first.
Once your feet are in the boots, pull the shoelace of the inner boots until just tight enough. The shoelaces usually have a handle or similar to make it easy to pull them.
Lock the inner boots' shoelaces so that they don't come loose, and twist and store any excess length. The lock is located on the side of the boots or similar.
Adjust the position of the tongue so it sits over your shin.
Twist the dial to tighten the wire. Once you've finished tightening, push in the dial to lock it and prevent it from loosening. Tightening the boots with this dial is the defining feature of BOA-type boots.

Removing boots (BOA type)

When removing BOA-type boots, first pull the dial forward to release the lock. Releasing the lock loosens the wire to some degree.
Use both hands to grasp the front and back of the boot and open it up wide to further loosen the wire.
Next, release the lock on the inner shoelaces.
After that, use your hands to loosen the shoelaces and open up the boot forward and backward while pulling out your feet.

Fitting boots (speed-shoelace type)

The first steps are the same for speed-shoelace type boots as for BOA-type boots. First, pull on the cord of the inner boot to tighten it.
Once you've locked the inner cord to stop it from loosening, push the extra length into the space between the outer and inner boot.
Next, pull on the outer shoelace to tighten it. There are two shoelaces - one is used to tighten the bottom of the boot; the other is used to tighten the top part of the boot.
Pull the shoelaces back to lock them. The locking notch is either on the front or the side.
Insert the tag at the end of the cord into the specialized storage pocket to stop it from getting in the way.

Removing boots (speed-shoelace type)

Pull the shoelaces forward using both hands to release the lock. Next, loosen the cords by hand.
The remaining steps are very similar to those for BOA-type boots. Just release the inner shoelace lock to loosen it and open up the boots forward and backward so you can pull out your feet.

Powder-guard fitting

Once your boots are on, cover them with the powder guard at the hem of your trousers. Covering your boots with the powder guard stops snow from getting in. Although some people tuck the powder guard inside their boots, this is incorrect. It will lead to snow getting into your boots.

Incorrect example of powder-guard fitting

Tucking the powder guard into your boots like this is a mistake, as snow will get into your boots and they won't be tight enough. Remember that the powder guard should cover the outside of your boots.

Boot fitting

Boots that are too tight will hurt your feet, so it's important that you find boots that are just tight enough, without being loose. To get a comfortable fit, adjust the back pad and belt tightness and then make minor adjustments if the boots still feel too tight or loose.