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You snowboard with your body facing sideways, with either your left or right foot forward depending on which is your dominant foot. When your left foot is in front, this is called the "regular" stance, and when your right foot is in front, this is called the "goofy" stance.

Which one am I?

Decide whether you'll use the regular or goofy stance based on your dominant foot. You snowboard with your dominant foot at the back of the board. If you prefer to kick a ball with your right foot, your right foot is the dominant one. This would mean you put your right foot at the back (left foot at the front) and snowboard in the regular stance.

Snowboard type

There are various types of snowboards that suit different snowboarding styles. The most mainstream type is the freestyle model. Other types include Alpen competition snowboards, and powder boards that are designed for snowboarding through back country or deep snow.

Choosing snowboard length

A good snowboard length is generally considered to be 15cm less than your height, or at around your chin. Pick your board length according to your snowboarding style - i.e. if you like snowboarding at high speeds, choose a longer board, whereas if you prefer engaging in tricks such as jibs and ground tricks, choose a somewhat shorter board. When renting a board, staff will choose a model that suits you.

Blunt the part of the edge that isn't used

The edge at the top and the tail of the snowboard isn't used as it doesn't come into contact with the snow during snowboarding. Because the edges along the entire perimeter of new boards are sharp, the top and tail edges, plus any other edges that aren't used to control the snowboard, are blunted with a file or similar to prevent them from injuring people. They should be blunt to the touch when you press your finger against them.

Match your bindings to your boot size

Bindings also have sizes. If, when you fit your boots into the bindings, the toe part sticks out a lot, the size is incorrect. If you are using a rental item, have the staff select the correct size for you. If you are purchasing boots and bindings yourself, make sure the sizes match.