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As the snowboard edge is made of metal, it can injure people if it hits them. Make sure you're careful about how you handle your equipment, and carry your snowboard safely. Memorizing some hints for handling can make carrying your snowboard more fun.

How to carry a snowboard

When holding a snowboard, carry it under your underarm so that the bindings are on the outside. Hold the middle of the snowboard and don't drag it. When carrying your snowboard, take care to make sure you don't bump it into people or things.

Wrong way to carry a snowboard

When you hold your snowboard sideways, it gets in the way of people around you. As there is a danger of damaging things or hitting and injuring people if you swing it around, make sure to hold your snowboard upright.
You must never pull the snowboard along by the leash cord. It gets in the way of passers-by and can hit people and things around you, leading to accidents.

Do not ride your snowboard like a sled

You must never sit on your snowboard and ride it like a sled. Not only is this a nuisance to those around you, but your snowboard could speed up so that you lose control and end up snowboarding recklessly. This could cause accidents that involve not only you, but the people around you.

Wrong way to place the board on the snow

When placing the snowboard on top of the snow, put the bindings face down. If the sole is face down, the snowboard could slide away by itself, accelerate and be extremely dangerous if it hits a person or object.
When placing the snowboard on the snow, put the bindings face down. Press it lightly to make sure it doesn't move.