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You'll find a snowboard school at every ski resort. Applications are accepted from all levels, from beginners with no experience snowboarding. With careful guidance from instructors, you can learn everything from how to handle your equipment to the basics of snowboarding. It's definitely worth taking lessons, as they'll help you to improve smoothly and safely while having a good time.

Improve fast at the snowboard school

If you've never snowboarded before, you won't know how to handle your equipment. For snowboarding in particular, you'll frequently need undo your bindings such as when traveling across flat surfaces. At the snowboard school you'll receive full support for everything, including help fastening and undoing your bindings, and stopping and turning, to quickly boost your skills.

How to join the snowboard school

The snowboard school application desk can usually be found in the resort's central building, or in a specialized facility or similar. You can choose either a half-day or full-day course. There are also group lessons with other snowboarders, lessons for children, private group lessons where you can share an instructor with your friends, and individual private lessons. To apply, just fill in the necessary items, including your snowboarding level. You can also book lessons in advance. What's more, an increasing number of schools are now accepting online bookings.

Classes allocated by level

For general lessons, you'll join a class that suits you level. If you're a complete beginner, you'll start by getting used to the snowboard on a flat surface below the lift. After growing somewhat accustomed to the snowboard, you'll graduate to using the lift, and the lesson moves onto a run. Some schools also offer lessons for children of various ages.

Group and private lessons

There are group lessons in which you can share an instructor with your friends, or perhaps you'd prefer individual or small-group private lessons. Because individual lessons give you a more detailed and tailor-made lesson, the price is higher than for a general lesson.

Some schools also cater to foreign-language needs

Some ski resorts have snowboard schools that cater to foreign-language needs. The most commonly available language is English, although an increasing number of schools is now also offering lessons in Chinese. In some cases, the ski resort school provides these services, whereas in other cases, a separate school and application desk has been set up.

Lesson content

The instructor will determine the lesson content according to the participants' level. For complete beginners, the lesson will begin from becoming used to the equipment on a flat surface, such as getting onto the snowboard and walking around. If that's you, once you've grown somewhat used to the snowboard, you may get onto a lift with the instructor and try a run. This way you'll improve while staying safe. The instructor also offers advice on things such as riding lifts and points of caution.