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When snowboarding for the first time, you're pulling on special boots and strapping yourself to an unfamiliar object. So you'll need to start by getting friendly with your equipment. First, put just one foot in the bindings and get used to the feel of your snowboard. Before doing this, don't forget to warm up.

Front foot first

First of all, aim the front of the snowboard in the direction you want to travel, and put your front foot only into the binding, not your back (dominant) foot, and fasten it into place. Keep your back foot on the ground as is.

Turn clockwise

Now, practice turning left and right on the spot. First, turn around once in the clockwise direction. Place your back foot on the toe side of the snowboard, twist your upper body in the clockwise direction, and then bring the snowboard in line with your upper body. Do this repeatedly.
Once you've twisted your upper body 90º in the clockwise direction, gently lift up the snowboard and turn it around. Focus on returning your body to its pre-twisted position and imagine rotating your lower body and the snowboard 90º.
Twist your upper body 90º again, leaving the snowboard in the same position.

Turn counter-clockwise

Next, change to the counter-clockwise direction. Place your back foot on the heel side and rotate the snowboard while twisting your upper body counter-clockwise.
While facing forward, twist your upper body 90º in the counter-clockwise direction.
Lift up the snowboard and rotate it in parallel with your outspread hands. Repeat until you are facing forward again.

Cautionary points

Take caution about the position of the foot that isn't affixed to the snowboard. Place your foot on the toe side when turning clockwise and on the heel side when turning counter-clockwise. If you do the opposite, you'll lose balance and fall over.
photo & text : Chiho Kuriyama