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Once you're used to the sensation of snowboarding with one foot fixed in the binding, try attaching the other foot as well. You can try jumping on the spot, or practice turning with a jump to become familiar to the feeling of having both feet fixed in place.

Jump on the spot

One type of training for becoming familiar with the snowboard is jumping on the spot. Bend at the ankles, lower your upper body, and imagine jumping directly upwards. Bend your ankles and knees and let your upper body sink down to get into position for the jump. When doing this, take care not to let your hips come too far forward.
Jump directly upward as if you're stretching up. Hold out your arms to gain your balance.
Once you land, use your knees and ankles to absorb the impact. If you jump directly upwards, you should be able to land smoothly.

Points about jumps

An important point in jumping correctly is making sure to bend the ankles and knees, lower the upper body, and strongly step into the jump. From jumping to landing, make sure that the snowboard is directly below your body.

Turning while jumping

Next, try rotating while jumping. Although you will turn the snowboard while twisting your upper body, you must still imagine yourself jumping directly upward. Face toward the front tip of the snowboard, stretch out your hands and twist your body in the direction you want to turn before jumping. First, try this in the clockwise direction.
Bend your ankles and knees to crouch down before twisting your upper body in the clockwise direction.
Jump while imagining yourself jumping directly upward, and rotate the snowboard.
When landing, absorb the impact with your ankles and knees.
Also practice in the counter-clockwise direction. Face toward the tip of the snowboard and stretch out your hands. After crouching down, twist your upper body in the counter-clockwise direction.
Jump straight upward and rotate the snowboard.

Land with your arms held out and gain your balance so you don't fall over.

Be aware of your position and line of sight

One common mistake is trying to turn with your body standing upright like this; holding your body upright makes it difficult to jump. For the first pose, place your line of sight forward, extend your arms and crouch down.

photo & text : Chiho Kuriyama