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When first snowboarding on a slope, practice with just one foot fixed to the snowboard. Face the tip downhill on a gentle slope and slowly slide forward. A gentle slope on which you won't pick up speed, with a flat base that will allow you to spontaneously stop when you get off, is perfect. When practicing, choose a gentle slope at the base of the mountain where there are few people around.
Face the tip downhill before stretching out your arms forward and looking in the direction that you are snowboarding.
Lightly kick off with your back foot and place it on top of the snowboard to slide forward.
Once you slow down, place your back foot onto the snow to stop.

Points for starting and stopping

First, gently kick off with your back foot so that you don't pick up speed. Once you start moving forward, slowly place that foot onto the snowboard. While you're moving, stretch out your hands to maintain your balance. When placing your foot down to stop, bend your knees to absorb the impact and bend your arms in case you fall over.

Don't lean backward

Thrusting your foot forward or pulling backward can cause you to learn backward. Leaning backward can make you pick up speed and prevent you from controlling the snowboard well. Start by practicing snowboarding on a gentle slope where you can relax without feeling any fear.
photo & text : Chiho Kuriyama

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