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Depending on the road conditions, it takes about 2.5 hours by car from New Chitose Airport to Niseko. You can either use a rental car, bus, taxi or train, so choose one that fits your plan.

A rental car is best if you want freedom of transport in the Niseko area

If you have a car in the Niseko area, you can visit a nearby piste, or visit so many more restaurants and hot springs. It will also be convenient for going to Sapporo or Otaru if driving on a snowy surface doesn't bother you. There are many rental car companies around New Chitose Airport so book in advance to ensure things go smoothly.

The most popular means of transport is the resort bus. Just deposit your luggage and board the bus, and before you know it you've arrived.

During the season there's a bus service between New Chitose Airport and Niseko Hirafu Welcome Center (Hirafu Parking 1), so if you have luggage and want to minimize your transport, or minimize the cost, take the bus. Currently three companies (Hokkaido Chuo Bus, White Liner and Resort Liner) operate buses every day during the season, so pick the one that fits your timetable.

If you want to get there quickly without thinking a lot about transport, take Sky Express!

If you do not want buses or trains because you do not want to board with other people and it takes a long time, consider a taxi. There is a company called Sky Express in Niseko that operates all kinds of taxis, from SUVs to micro buses with a capacity of 35 people, for you to choose from according to your needs! Other taxi companies also have transport services to ski areas at less cost than usual so try them as well.

If you don't want to drive or want to view the stunning scenery, take the train

Most people go to Niseko by car, but of course there's the train too. It takes about 3.5 hours, but on the train, you can watch as the landscape gradually turns idyllic. Mind you there are very few trains scheduled, so make sure to check the timetable in advance. You could also enjoy Sapporo and Otaru on the way.
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text: Natsuko Saito

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