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You can enjoy ski and snowboard lessons in English

If you want to improve your skiing or snowboarding, it's best to go to a school. While the language barrier may be your concern, you'll be relieved to know that many ski and snowboard schools are now opening with lessons in foreign languages. One of them is Canyons Snowsports School, a foreign-language school at GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort.

English-only Canyons Snowsports School

Most of Canyons Snowsports School's instructors are non-Japanese. You can take ski and snowboard lessons from native English speakers. The application form is in English and all questions and conversations will also be in English.

After applying for lessons, you'll get an arm band to show you're registered. Keep the arm band on during the lesson for your instructor to see.
Your instructor will be wearing a jacket with the name of the school. Make sure you keep an eye on the jacket to avoid getting lost on the ski piste.

Nothing to worry about - even if you've never skied or snowboarded

The school offers lessons for each level. Even if you've never experienced skiing or snowboarding, you'll feel at ease in the lesson. First thing is standing on a flat surface and getting to know your equipment. The instructor will tell you everything from how to put on a snowboard to what to pay attention to, step by step.
The instructor will support you and teach you the basics, including how to do up the binding. Don't hesitate to ask questions if there's anything you're not sure about.

The lesson moves at a pleasant tempo, focusing on key points

At first, you'll strap into the snowboard with just one foot, and learn how to move forward on a flat surface. After doing this a few times, you'll get the hang of how to slide over the snow and begin to acquire a sense of balance. There are no difficult lectures about techniques. Once you master the key points, you'll move fast to the next steps. The lesson moves on without slowing down, so your snowboarding will improve even within the day's lesson.

Instructor supports you carefully so you can snowboard safely

Once you get used to a flat surface, you'll move onto a gentle slope that won't give you much speed. You'll practice how to snowboard slowly downhill, using the edges as brakes. After the instructor shows you how it's done, you'll snowboard down the slope one by one. The instructor will watch over you from the bottom, call out to you or support you physically, so you'll feel safe.

Once you master a fair level of snowboarding, you'll get on the lift and go on a run. You won't become a better skier or snowboarder quickly if you teach yourself, but a school will help you acquire the right techniques efficiently. Enjoy the English-only lessons and improve your technique.
photo & text : Chiho Kuriyama

Facility Information


1039-2 Kayabira, Yuzawa, Yuzawa-cho, Minamiuonuma-gun, Niigata 949-6101
Access: Directly linked to GALA Yuzawa station, Joetsu Shinkansen. Free shuttle buses from the west exit of Echigo Yuzawa station, Joetsu Shinkansen. About 5 minutes by car from Yuzawa IC, Kanetsu Expressway.


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